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How Women Choose The Right Family During The Adoption Process

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For any woman who is considering adoption, one of the most difficult pieces is imagining handing your baby over to someone else to love. It is nearly impossible to picture that in your mind. At this point in the adoption journey, women often feel conflicted about whether or not adoption is the right choice.

Premier Adoption has worked with so many women in Utah, Arizona, and Nevada who have felt the path of the adoption journey shift when they “found” the family that matched with their hearts.

“Choosing” and “picking” a family for your child seems like very empty words in this situation. Women who have chosen adoption have stated time and again that when they found the right family, they just knew. Something significant shifted when they saw a photo of the potential adoptive mother or read about the journey of a couple hoping to adopt a child and grow their family. The stories are as miraculous as the women who sacrifice their own hearts for their precious babies.

However, no matter how significant, soulful, and impactful the journey is – there is a process in finding the right family.

How Women Choose The Right Family During The Adoption Process

Ideal Traits Of A Prospective Family

Women considering adoption often have very specific “requirements” that they are seeking in a family. Here are a few examples:

· I prefer the adoptive family has the same religious/spiritual background as I have and would like my baby raised in.

· I prefer a family that does not already have children.

· I prefer a family that does not have biological children of their own, but adopted children are ok.

· I prefer a family that is willing to negotiate an open adoption.

· I prefer a family that is ok with a potentially closed adoption.

· I prefer a gay/lesbian family.

Your preferences will help the adoption agency pre-screen families and match you with potential families that meet your desires.

Some women really don’t have an ideal family in mind and that is fine. The adoption specialist that you are working with will help guide you through this process.

Matching Families

Once the adoption specialist has a clear idea of what type of family and environment you want for your baby, you will be given profiles of different families to consider. These are often set up in print profiles like binders/books or videos of information about prospective families. The print profiles include photos of the prospective family, their extended families, their homes, pets, other children along with any information that the family wants women seeking adoptive families to know about them.


Every adoption experience is unique and can be coordinated in a way that works for both parties. Open adoptions are much more prevalent today, and it is very common for the women placing a child to meet and get to know the family that is adopting. These introductions can be in person, through video chat, or phone calls.

In Utah, Arizona and Nevada, prospective adoptive families must complete a home study to be able to legally adopt a child. This is a very intense process for prospective families and ensures the safety and well-being of a child coming into their home.

To learn more about home study laws, click here.

Premier Adoption has helped women find great families that are ready to experience the journey of adoption and who are beyond grateful to those women who have opened their hearts this path. Though it is not an easy one, Premier Adoption is committed to creating a safe and trusting environment for women considering adoption and supporting and guiding them during and after the process.


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