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Adoption Agency In Nevada - How Do You Know If They Truly Care?

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For women who are considering placing a baby for adoption, the adoption agency that they choose to connect with plays an important role. Women in Nevada who are considering adoption are looking for an adoption agency that they can trust and count on for many things:

  • The laws regarding adoption

  • Legal requirements of the birthmother

  • Legal considerations of the biological father

  • Matching them with the right family

  • Privacy and security

  • Education

  • Counseling

These are just some of the elements of adoption that women need clear, transparent guidance and communication in. Every one of these subjects is extremely important during the adoption process, but a potential birthmother needs to know that she can trust and count on an adoption agency for emotional support and guidance.

Post-Adoption Support For Birthmothers

Adoption agencies are not a crutch for women to cling to when they choose adoption, but the role that adoption specialists play in the lives of birthmothers is extremely important - especially post-adoption.

After I placed my daughter for adoption in 2010, I met several women who had also placed a child and I saw alarming similarities between them. None of us had in common the adoption agencies we chose and I could see how my situation was much different than some of the other birthmothers I connected with.

I had built an amazing relationship with my adoption specialist that felt healthy and real. I did not cling to her for comfort, but when I needed real advice, I asked. I asked hard questions and I listened to her as an expert in her field.

Most of the birthmothers that I have met really don't share a positive adoption experience. They feel used by the adoption agencies that they chose. They were showered with attention and care until the adoption papers were signed and, in their words, thrown away after.

I understand how the feeling of being tossed away can happen in these circumstances. Post-adoption emotions are intense! There are so many feelings that birthmothers experience and often don't understand. Dealing with emotions is even more of a challenge.

But I always knew that the adoption agency I chose was worthy of my trust and support. They were always honest with me. They reached out to check on me. They wanted to reach out more after the adoption but also wanted to respect my space (and they let me know that), they welcomed my visits after the adoption, they continued meeting with me for post-adoption support, they helped cover the cost of post-adoption therapy and offered the service to me. I was not washed up and thrown away as some women would say.

I don't think there are a lot of ways to KNOW that an adoption agency is truly caring outside of reading testimonials and reviews. But you should be able to know when you talk to your adoption specialist. You will hear kindness, compassion, and concern. You will not hear judgment. Your questions will be answered with respect. Your concerns for your baby will be addressed. What you want will be listened to and respected.

I can't speak for other adoption agencies in Nevada, but I can say that I found all of this at Premier Adoption and I know that other women have too. if you are not sure what you are looking for in an adoption agency, call Premier and ask questions! You should always expect transparency, education, and respect.


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