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Adoptive Parents

We are happy to hear of your interest in and desire to adopt a child.


Whether you are unable to have biological children, wish to expand your family through adoption, or desire to liberate a child from the tragedy of an institutionalized childhood, we commend you for opening your hearts to the children of the world who are waiting for loving and permanent homes.

Premier was founded in 1999 and has held continuous licenses to provide services since that time. We are a non-profit 501(c)3, Hague Accredited agency state licensed in Arizona, Nevada, and Utah. We provide full services to both birth families and adopting families. We provide home study and post placement supervision services for domestic and inter-country placements.

We are Hague accredited by the US Department of State through Intercountry Adoption Accreditation and Maintenance Entity (IAAME) and have both incoming and outgoing programs which serve international children and families. 

Our professional staff has over 200 years of combined adoption experience who have joined together because we LOVE doing adoptions. Over the years we have helped thousands of people complete their families through the miracle of adoption and are dedicated to ensuring that your adoption is processed in an efficient and caring manner.

Our Programs
Home Study

Adoption Home Study

​A home study is a written document approving and recommending a family as adoptive parents. It is an overview and evaluation of each family member, the overall family dynamic, and the safety of the home in which the child will reside. A child cannot be placed in your home for adoption unless you have a completed and approved home study.


The home study process requires prospective adoptive families to disclose personal information about themselves, their finances, and their relationships. It is common to feel overwhelmed at times by the amount of paperwork but we have broken it down into easy to accomplish steps and will be here to assist you. It typically takes several months to complete from when you first submit your application to when the final home study evaluation is complete.  

Premier Adoption Agency is a Hague accredited agency and is licensed to provide inter-country services in the States of Arizona, Nevada and Utah. All intercountry adoptions, regardless of state or country, require a Hague complaint home study performed by a Hague Accredited Agency. Premier has been Hague accredited since 2008 and is currently accredited by our accrediting body IAAME. Hague accredited agencies are awarded this distinction by the US Department of State and are recognized universally as agencies who follow the highest levels of ethics and knowledge of the initricaties of performing intercountry services. 


As a Hague accredited agency, we are transparent in the services that we provide. If there is a grievance or complaint that a family has that cannot be quickly and easily rectified we encourage our families to utilize our complaint procedure found here


In Nevada your home study must be completed by a Nevada licensed adoption agency. Home studies completed by independent social workers will not be accepted. If you live in any of the states we are licensed in, we would be happy to complete your home study for you. If you live in another state, please contact us and we will help you find an adoption agency in your area to provide this service.

Arizona, Nevada and Utah families that would like to begin the home study process can contact us for information at 702-475-4910.

Home Study Frequently Asked Questions: click here

Affording Adoption

​For many parents-to-be, one of the biggest hurdles families face while looking to adopt is finding the necessary funds.


Many families use whatever assets they have to fund their adoption and are able to deduct their expenses as well as take a credit on their taxes. The Federal Adoption Tax Credit has now been made permanent for up to $13,570 (in 2017) and is great news for prospective adopting parents. This is a great way to offset adoption costs and offer a way to pay back loans. For many people cost is a big barrier.   We almost always finance our automobiles and other large purchases including our vacations. There are short term loans available through lending institutions.  Some families choose to make monthly payments and recoup the costs from the adoption tax credits.


There are several adoption loan programs which offer free money.


Here at Premier Adoption Agency, for those looking for domestic adoptions, our sliding scale has helped many families realize their adoption dreams.

Affording ADoption
Adoption Education

Adoption Education

​Education is a very important step in becoming a parent. After all children don’t come with instruction manuals! Our hope is that adopting families will maximize their time prior to adoption in preparing for the arrival of this blessed event. We recommend that all of our prospective adopting families and home study clients complete our approved adoption education program found at


A resource list of books, websites, and information about adoption grants and funding can be found here.

You can also talk to one of our experienced and compassionate birthmothers!

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