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Choosing who to trust to work with you in making your adoption plan is important. We appreciate your confidence in us. Adoption is a noble choice. We are here to walk you through the process so you feel good about your adoption plan. Our adoption caseworkers are amazing! You will plan how you want your adoption plan to work. You choose your adopting family from our pool of waiting families, amount of contact, and how the hospital experience will go. After the adoption you can set up a schedule for letters and pictures on your baby’s development and well-being. We also offer assistance with pre and post placement counseling, professional placement, and helping you get stable and secure.

This is your adoption and your plan. Please call us (1-800-876-0187) the first chance you get. We are always here for you, day or night.

Licensed Adoption Agency:

Premier Adoption Agency is a state-licensed and regulated adoption agency licensed in the States of Arizona, Nevada and Utah. We provide the best possible services to our clients. Premier Adoption Agency is required to have licensed social workers providing direct care, counseling, and adoption procedures. As a result, we can handle absolutely every aspect of your adoption process, from emergency relocation to post-placement grief and loss counseling and assistance.

Why Choose Premier Adoption Agency?

Hague Accreditation

We are Hague accredited by IAAME to provide international incoming and outgoing adoptions since 2008.

The IAAME is an accrediting body approved by the United States Department of State to conduct Hague accreditation and approval reviews, invites the public to provide comment on intercountry adoption service providers seeking Hague accreditation or approval or renewal of Hague accreditation or approval. 

The Intercountry Adoption Act of 2000, better known as Hague, is an international treaty designed to protect children, birth families, and adoptive families by prohibiting child trafficking and setting up strict standards for international adoptions. In February 2008 the United States ratified Hague. By April 1, 2008, all international adoption agencies working legally within the US for the completion of Hague Convention Country adoptions had to be Hague accredited. Premier Adoption Agency received one-year temporary accreditation at that time and then continued work on the process of achieving full accreditation.

Our full accreditation means that international home study and adoptive clients of Premier Adoption Agency can be sure that all of our services are handled in the best interests of the child. Our international packet and disclosures give the adoptive parents full transparency so that they can be aware of fees and risks and any other information they will need to help them successfully complete their adoption and parent their adoptive child. Adoptive parents also take part in extensive training to help them be as prepared as possible for the adoption experience. Please contact us if you have any questions about Hague or our adoption agency requirements.

Hague Accreditation
Letter From Our Director

Letter from our Director

Dear Birth & Adoptive Parents,

As founder and Executive Director of Premier Adoption Agency, it is with pleasure that I introduce myself and our agency to you. Premier is a licensed, charitable, non-profit child placing agency. I have a Masters in Social Work and have worked in the field of adoptions and child welfare for years.

Premier is a full service child placing agency that is recognized and licensed to operate in the States of Arizona, Nevada and Utah and also able to work with birthparents around the country. Our staff is professional, ethical, and is of good moral fiber and foundation. We have over 200 years of combined adoption, clinical and foster care experience. We are committed to providing you with extensive support, guidance, and counseling both before and after your baby is born. We provide services to you regardless of your race, age, sex, marital status, national origin, or religious belief.

At Premier, you are honored and respected for the unique person you are and the circumstances which allowed us to cross paths. We are here to provide you with options and support you in your choice. We may not have walked a mile in your shoes but invite you to lean on us for support and allow us to walk your journey with you during this difficult time. We have successfully walked the path of adoption with many birthmothers just like you and treasure these relationships.

In our adoption program you receive counseling regarding your options and are given helpful information so you can reach a decision you feel is best for you and your babys future. Placing a child for adoption requires courage and commitment. We are here for you before and after the placement of your child. We provide social work support individually as well as in a group setting to better help you make a plan for yourself and your baby.

Adoption is a wonderful journey and gift to birthparents, adopting parents, and the child adopted. It completes a beautiful circle and blesses the lives of all. Thank you for learning more about Premier Adoption Agency. We look forward to working with you! Get started now.

With love,

Catharine Murray,

LCSW Executive Director

Director image

Meet Premier’s Caring Team

Working with Premier Adoption, many of our birth mothers and adoptive families often comment how close we are here. It is a blessing to not only feel fulfilled in the work we do, but to enjoy the company of each other. Our staff is like family. We each have our roles and responsibilities, but we all realize that the mission we are set out to accomplish is only possible with love and harmony for each other. You are welcome to take a moment and learn what an amazing group of individuals we are lucky enough to work with.

Catharine Murray

Catharine Murray

LCSW – Executive Director

Isabel Pantelakis

Isabel Pantelakis

Director of Operations

Tomas Trujillo

Tomas Trujillo

Home Study Coordinator

Sylvia Thomas

Sylvia Thomas


The Rest Of Our Team

Ellen Sorensen – Outreach Coordinator / Educator

Meredith Turner – Adoption Social Worker/ Las Vegas Area Supervisor

Karla Vallin – Adoption Case Worker in Las Vegas

Jamie Selby – Adoption Social Worker in Northern Nevada

Teri Lockie – Adoption Social Worker in Northern Nevada

Lori Jo Leonard – Adoption Social Worker in Arizona

Jessica Landram – Case worker in Las Vegas

Stephenne Berger – Adoption Social Worker in Arizona

Ingrid Ponce – Social worker in Arizona

Bill Davis – Social Worker – Las Vegas and Utah 

Heather Cabral – Adoption Social Worder in Northern Nevada

Our Team
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