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Birth Mother L

Due Date: 11/03/2021

Gender of Baby



Ethnicity of Baby



This birth mother resides in the City of Las Vegas, Clark County, Nevada. In Nevada, relinquishment documents can be signed 72 hours after child’s birth.

Birth mother

Birth mother is a 21-year-old Mexican American woman with straight long black hair and brown eyes. She stands approximately 5’05” tall and weighs approximately 180 pounds (pre-pregnancy). She describes her skin complexion as olive tan. The birth mother did not report any outstanding features.


The birth mother is currently residing with the potential birth father and his parents in Las Vegas, NV. Neither birth parent has children from previous relationships. Both birth parents are currently employed with Amazon as full-time employees. Birth mother describes her personality as funny and caring. Both birth parents feel that adoption is in their child’s best interest. They both have career goals and have expressed that by having a child at this time it will be difficult to reach their goals. They also feel that they’re so young and not mentally prepared to care for a child. 


Birth mother has never been married. She identifies herself as Catholic but is not affiliated with any local churches in her community. Her parents are aware of her pregnancy and are not opposed to her adoption plan.


Birth mother will need financial assistance for rent, utilities, food, cell phone,


Birth father

Birth mother has declared one potential birth father.  He’s ethnicity is Mexican American. Birth father is twenty years old with brown eyes and short curly brown hair. He stands approximately 5’11” tall and weighs approximately 220 pounds with fair skin complexion. Birth father describes himself as goofy, intelligent, with an outgoing personality. Birth father does not have any outstanding features. Birth father is in a committed relationship with birth mother. They both reside in the same house hold and have been dating for 2 years. Birth father has signed relinquishment paperwork.

Reasons for Choosing Adoption

Both birth parents stated that they feel 100% sure about their adoption plan. They feel that at this time, they’re not prepared to care for a child. Both of their extended families are supportive of their adoption plan.

Health of Baby/Medical Information


Prenatal Care

Birth mother has been receiving prenatal care since August. She has private insurance through her employer. 


Mental Health

Both birth parents denied any mental health illness or treatment.


Substance Abuse

Birth mother reported using marijuana at the beginning of pregnancy. She stated that she was not aware that she was expecting. As soon as she found out that she was expecting she stopped using. Birth mother works graveyard and would use marijuana products to help her sleep during the day. In addition, she also admitted drinking only one beer during pregnancy. Birth mother denies using any controlled substances or smoking cigarettes.

Medical History


Family Medical History for Birth Mother

  • Eczema

  • Vision (farsighted)


Family Medical History for Birth Father

  • Flat footed

  • Vision (nearsighted)

  • Birth father would smoke marijuana to help him sleep.


Birth mother has private medical insurance (Blue Cross/Blue Shield). She will require help with copays and deductibles.


Openness Desired

  • Semi-Open Adoption

  • Both birth parents want to select the family

  • Pictures & updates until the age of 18

Birth Parent Preferences for Adoptive Family

  • They’re open to married couples with or without children, same sex couples, and single parents

  • Open to any ethnicity background.

  • Would prefer a Catholic Family.

  • A loving caring, and responsible family with strong moral values.



Living/medical expenses may be provided. The living expenses are estimated at $3,540.00. This does NOT include medical expenses(co-pays and deductibles). Those will be given to the family as soon as medical bills are received. 

The following expenses will be associated with this case (paid to the agency):

  1. Matching/file activation fee (due upon acceptance of match)

  2. $3,540.00 estimated birthparent living/medical expenses (due upon acceptance of match).

  3. Final agency fee. Based on sliding scale. (Due 4 weeks before due date).


Attorney fees are paid directly to the attorney.


Legal Risks

Because the birth mother is not legally married, a termination of parental rights will be necessary on “John Doe”. In the state of Nevada this process can take 3 to 4 months (after placement) and attorney fees are approximately $2,000-$3,000 (estimate). Termination may also be conducted in your home state. This option will need to be reviewed with your adoption attorney.



The adoptive family has the choice to finalize in the state of Nevada. An attorney will be needed for this process. The adoptive family will not need to travel to Nevada for the adoption finalization as the attorney and agency will be attending court on their behalf. Finalization in Nevada cannot take place until the child has been in the home for six months.


The adoptive family also has the option to finalize in their home state. They will need to speak to their adoption attorney in their state to make sure Nevada legal documents will be accepted.

Click to read birth mother's social medical history

Click to read birth father's social medical history

This situation will close at 4:00 PM on Monday, October 11th. 


If you are interested in this situation, please send an email to before then. Be sure to use the phrase "I'm interested in Birth Mother L" as the subject line. Include your name in the body of the email. ​


We will have the information call with the caseworker on Tuesday, October 12th at 9:00 AM Pacific. Details on the call will be sent out Monday, after the situation closes, to families who have expressed interest. 

PLEASE NOTE: By submitting your name for this adoption situation, you are affirming that you are ready to move forward with a match, should the birth mother select your family. You have your fees ready and have consulted your attorney, doctor, and home study agency, if necessary. You will have a chance to withdraw your name after the information call/webinar with the social worker if you choose to do so at that time. Thank you. 

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