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Birth Mother J

Due Date: 09/07/2021

Gender of Baby



Ethnicity of Baby



This birth mother resides in the Phoenix, Arizona area. In Arizona, relinquishments can be signed 72 hours after the child’s birth.

Birth mother

Birth mother is a single female in her early twenties. She has black hair and brown eyes. She has a light brown complexion. She is 4’9 and weighs approximately 85 pounds.


Birth mother lives with her mother and stepfather, and her one-year-old son. She states that her mom and stepfather are not supportive of her adoption plan but leans on her biological father for support.  Birth mother states she is not currently working but she is receiving unemployment. She is unsure about any necessary financial assistance for living expenses at this time.  


Birth mother describes herself as honest and trustworthy. She said she is fun and outgoing. She states she had a very good and happy childhood. She has a lot of fond memories of her childhood. The birth mother enjoys hiking and traveling. She plans to continue with schooling and eventually work in the dental field.  She reports having excellent grades in school and enjoys learning math and history.


The birth mother is hoping for a semi-open adoption. She states she does not want the baby to feel abandoned or have identity issues or trauma. She states she is choosing adoption because she is currently parenting her one year old son as a single parent and understands the commitment financially, emotionally and mentally of raising a child on her own. She hopes that this baby is raised in a financially stable and happy home.


Birth father

There is one possible birth father. Birth mother reports he resides in the Phoenix area but is unaware of his current address. She reports they used to live together but just after she found out she was pregnant, they broke up and she moved into her mom’s home and she does not know where he went. She reports they do not have contact through social media. She describes him as Hispanic, 5’8 and approximately 115 pounds. She is currently trying to get a hold of one of his aunts to help locate his whereabouts.

Health of Baby/Medical Information


Prenatal Care

Birth mother has had regular and normal prenatal care. 


Mental Health



Substance Abuse

Birth mother denies drugs or alcohol use.


Medical History


Birth Mother

Braces as child

Preeclampsia-takes baby aspirin daily


Birth Father

History of marijuana use/abuse

History of depression and anxiety

Heart surgery as a baby- unknown detailed information 



Birth mother has Arizona State Insurance through AHCCCS.

The baby will need to be added to the adoptive family’s insurance at birth.


Openness Desired

Birth mother would like to view profile books and choose adoptive family

  • Some contact with adoptive family pre-placement or at hospital

  • Some contact with the baby after delivery

  • No contact post placement with baby or adoptive family (Agency will collect pictures in case she changes her mind)

Birth Parent Preferences for Adoptive Family

​Birth mother would like to choose a family from profile books. She is open to all races and religion.



Birth mother is not currently requesting assistance with living expenses. We will be collecting $1,500 in case an emergency arises.


The following expenses will be associated with this case (payable to Premier):

  1. Matching/file activation fee (due upon acceptance of match)

  2. $1,500.00 estimated birthparent living expenses (due upon acceptance of match)

  3. $5,000 estimated legal fees (due upon acceptance of match). This covers termination of parental rights. This does not cover finalization.

  4. Final agency fee, based on a sliding scale (due four weeks before birth mother’s due date)


Legal Risks

In Arizona, an alleged birthfather (if known) is served with a notice of the adoption. He has 30 days from the date he was served to file a petition to establish paternity and serve the birth mother. According to ARS 8-106, if he does not file a petition to establish paternity and serves the birth mother, he waives his right to be further notified of any court proceedings. If this adoption finalizes in Arizona, his rights are terminated and no further action is necessary.  In most cases, these adoptions don’t finalize in Arizona as out of state residents are not able to finalize in AZ, therefore further procedures are necessary in order to provide the finalization state with a termination of parental rights order. After the 30 day notice, the Arizona attorney will check with the courts and perform a docket search to see if anyone has filed a paternity case. If no paternity case has been filed, he will get proof from the court. Once the child is born and the birth mother has relinquished her rights, he will present the court with the findings and the court will issue a termination order on the unnamed birthfather.


Arizona also has a registry statute. A putative father has 30 days to register. If he registers, he will get a notice that we tried to serve all possible fathers. He would then have to file a paternity case and give the birth mother notice. Thirty days after the child’s birth, we will check if any man has registered. If no man has registered, we will get a certificate that shows these findings. With the certificate we will then get an order from the court terminating parental rights of any putative father aka John Doe.



If adoptive family resides in AZ the have the option to finalize their adoption in state. If the adoptive family resides outside of Arizona, the adopting family must finalize in their home state as the state of Arizona does not allow out of state residents to finalize in state. They will need to speak to their adoption attorney in their state to make sure AZ legal documents will be accepted.

Click to read birth mother's social medical history

Click to read birth father's social medical history

This situation will close at 4:00 PM on Friday, July 9th. 


If you are interested in this situation, please send an email to before then. Be sure to use the phrase "I'm interested in Birth Mother J" as the subject line. Include your name in the body of the email. ​


We will have the information call with the caseworker on Monday, July 12th at 9:00 AM Pacific. Details on the call will be sent out Friday, after the situation closes, to families who have expressed interest. 

PLEASE NOTE: By submitting your name for this adoption situation, you are affirming that you are ready to move forward with a match, should the birth mother select your family. You have your fees ready and have consulted your attorney, doctor, and home study agency, if necessary. You will have a chance to withdraw your name after the information call/webinar with the social worker if you choose to do so at that time. Thank you. 

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