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** Due to the fast-approaching due date there will not be a scheduled call with the social worker. We have presented a very detailed account below. Please contact your adoption caseworker, as soon as possible, if you are interested in being presented to the birth mother.

Birth Mother C

Due Date: 11/21/2021

Gender of Baby



Ethnicity of Baby

½ African American

½ Hispanic


This birth mother resides in the Reno, Nevada area. In Nevada, relinquishment documents can be signed 72 hours after child’s birth.

Birth mother

Birth mother is a single female in her early twenties with dark brown eyes and dark brown hair. She stands approximately 5’0” tall and weighs approximately 118 pounds (pre-pregnancy). She has a dark complexion and is African American.


Birth mother currently resides with her mother in a very small one bedroom apartment in Reno, NV. The apartment is located in a dangerous part of town where violence occurs on a daily basis. Birth mother has a bed in the living room where she sleeps. Her mother sleeps in the bedroom. The apartment is dilapidated and in horrible repair. Birth mother reported that her mother is very violent towards her and is abusive. Birth mother reports that this is the environment she grew up in as well. Birth mother’s mom has been addicted to illegal substances since the age of nineteen and has unstable mental health. Birth mother’s mom is controlling of birth mother and does not approve of the adoption plan. Birth mother is at significant risk of being kicked out of the home by proceeding with the adoption plan. Birth mother states she has waited until this time to create the adoption plan due to the fear of being kicked out of the home and having nowhere to go. MSW explained financial assistance and possible assistance with placement if needed.


Birth mother will require financial assistance with her cell phone bill, bus passes, laundry money and weekly grocery/toiletries allotment. Birth mother requests this not be sent to her directly as her mother will not give birth mother her mail. Birth mother may require assistance with a weekly motel if she is kicked out of her mother’s home by proceeding with the adoption plan.


Birth mother describes her personality as an introvert. She reports that she has social anxiety and does not like to be around people. Birth mother appeared very suspicious and paranoid as MSW attempted to conduct assessment. She continued to ask why MSW needed personal information about her. Birth mother kept stating “I need to get this all over with, get my life together and get away from my psycho mom.” MSW had to meet with birth mother while her mom was at work due to the situation in the home.

Birth mother was raised by her biological mother. Her mother is not supportive of the adoption plan and birth mother fears what will happen to her when her mom finds out. Birth mother does not know her father. Birth mother discovered that she was pregnant in approximately July 2021. She has been considering adoption since becoming aware she was pregnant, but she had not contacted an agency as she was afraid of the repercussions from her mother. Her mother is reported to be very abusive and controlling of birth mother. Birth mother experiences violence on a daily basis in the home. MSW provided some domestic violence options for birth mother but she stated she wanted to complete the adoption plan before doing anything.


Birth father is known. MSW contacted him and he verbally consented to the adoption plan though he would not admit that he was the biological father to the baby. He stated he would prefer to “do nothing” than to meet with MSW to sign relinquishment of parental rights documents. At the end of the conversation, birth father requested a copy of the documents be emailed to him so he could have his attorney review before moving forward. MSW to outreach to birth father again in 2-3 days.


Birth mother states she is in good health with no major medical concerns. Birth mother has asthma.


Birth mother is Christian.


Birth mother denied substance use and any mental health diagnosis.


Birth mother does not have any other children.


Birth father

Information regarding birth father is unknown at this time with the exception that he is Hispanic and possibly in his early thirties.

Reasons for Choosing Adoption

Birth mother stated she is not ready to be a parent and is not financially stable to provide for a child. Birth mother said her home is toxic and she cannot bring a baby into the violence and abuse she endures.

Health of Baby/Medical Information


Prenatal Care

Birth mother began receiving prenatal care in July/August 2021 following the knowledge that she was pregnant.


Mental Health

Birth mother denied any mental health illness or treatment.


Substance Abuse

Birth mother denied major substance use/abuse but stated she smokes marijuana. She also vapes daily with no desire to quit at this time. Birth mother stated these things help her manage her toxic home situation.

Medical History


Birth Mother



Birth Mother’s Family

Both maternal and paternal sides of the family have significant substance abuse history as well as alcoholism

Mother – cervical cancer, birth mother reported she believes her mother has undiagnosed mental health concerns

Father – may be diabetic


Birth Father



Birth Father’s Family



Birth mother Medicaid Coverage.


Openness Desired

  • Open although birth mother is not sure how open she would like the adoption. She is unsure if she would like to meet or speak to the family. Birth mother would like updates and pictures

  • Family should be flexible with openness and be willing to be more open dependent on birth mother’s emotional stability after delivery

Birth Parent Preferences for Adoptive Family

  • Same sex male couple or straight (if same sex male couple not interested in situation)

  • Christian (birth mother staunchly against Mormon, Jehovah’s Witness, “Nazi” (as she stated) or Jewish

  • Out of state

  • Prefers a family with a sibling

  • Financially stable

  • Educated

  • A family that is accepting of the baby being mixed race and willing to teach baby about his mixed race as he grows up

MSW Impressions

Birth mother presented as very afraid of her mother almost to the point of being afraid to talk. She appeared very paranoid and extremely afraid of her mother finding out about her proceeding with the adoption. Birth mother experienced a very difficult and abusive upbringing and this environment has not changed. Birth mother does not want to live with her mother any longer but she feels stuck. Birth mother has no support in any capacity. MSW will continue to work with her to provide resources and referrals to assist her with housing stability and domestic violence.


Birth mother appeared committed to the adoption plan despite the consequences she may be facing by her mother. If birth mother does not proceed with the adoption plan, Child Protective Services will need to be involved as the environment of the apartment was not fit to provide for a baby as well as the concerns with the presence of her mother’s abuse and substance abuse.


Birth mother was a delight to meet with though her psychososocial situation is extremely toxic and tumultuous. She refuses to speak with anyone else from the adoption agency as she is afraid her mother will find out somehow. She requested all communication go through MSW. MSW will continue to explore counseling with birth mother as well as provide support and referrals for her in her plight to move away from her mother.



Living/medical expenses will be provided. The estimated amount is $12,250.00

The following expenses will be associated with this case (paid to the agency):

  1. Matching/file activation fee (due upon acceptance of match)

  2. $12,250.00 estimated birthparent living/medical expenses (due upon acceptance of match).

  3. Final agency fee. Based on sliding scale. (Due 4 weeks before due date).


Attorney fees are paid directly to the attorney.


Legal Risks

Because the birth mother is not legally married and the named birth father has not relinquished his rights, a termination of parental rights will be necessary on “John Doe”. In the state of Nevada this process can take 3 to 4 months (after placement) and attorney fees are approximately $2,000-$3,000 (estimate). Termination may also be conducted in your home state. This option will need to be reviewed with your adoption attorney.



The adoptive family has the choice to finalize in the state of Nevada. An attorney will be needed for this process. The adoptive family will not need to travel to Nevada for the adoption finalization as the attorney and agency will be attending court on their behalf. Finalization in Nevada cannot take place until the child has been in the home for six months.


The adoptive family also has the option to finalize in their home state. They will need to speak to their adoption attorney in their state to make sure Nevada legal documents will be accepted.

Click to read birth mother's social medical history


If you are interested in this situation, please send an email to . Be sure to use the phrase "I'm interested in Birth Mother C" as the subject line. Include your name in the body of the email. ​

PLEASE NOTE: By submitting your name for this adoption situation, you are affirming that you are ready to move forward with a match, should the birth mother select your family. You have your fees ready and have consulted your attorney, doctor, and home study agency, if necessary. You will have a chance to withdraw your name after the information call/webinar with the social worker if you choose to do so at that time. Thank you. 

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