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Baby Boy F

Date of Birth: 05/20/2021

Baby boy is currently in the hospital. Please review the information below for more details on his health. If interested, please contact Debbie at or 702-475-4910. This situation will remain open until a match is made with the birth parents. 

Gender of Baby



Ethnicity of Baby

1/8 Hispanic, 7/8 Caucasian


Birth mother is a single female in her late twenties with brown hair and green eyes.  She stands approximately 5’4” tall and weighs approximately 110 pounds (pre-pregnancy).  She has a fair complexion.


Birth mother currently resides with her parents in a single family home. While birth mother expressed her commitment to creating an adoption plan, she was somewhat guarded regarding her past and family history. She reports she does not have a good relationship with her parents and does not want them involved. This is reportedly her first pregnancy. Birth mother was also somewhat guarded in reporting some medical details and family medical history, but does report having drank alcohol during the first two months of pregnancy before finding out she was pregnant (one bottle of Vodka every day or two), however, later admitted to the social worker that she didn’t find out she was pregnant until five months into the pregnancy (January 2021).


Birth mother describes her personality as easy-spirited and a Scorpio. She enjoys art, the outdoors, and playing video games.


Birth mother was raised by her biological parents. Birth mother has reportedly been considering both parenting and adoption since becoming aware she was pregnant, but she had not contacted an agency as she stated she was not expecting the baby to be born early (he was born at 39 weeks). The birth father said he had looked into several agencies, but had not contacted any yet. The hospital social worker referred the birth parents to the agency. Birth mother stated she was confident in her adoption plan, and knows she is not ready to provide for a child as a single parent.


Reported birth father is involved.  He is in his mid twenties and Caucasian. He is planning to also sign relinquishment documents and fill out the social and medical history form.  


Birth mother states she is in good health. She reports having ADHD and dyslexia. She also reports having had problems with alcohol for three years “but that was in the past.”


Birth mother and father are Christian and feel having a two parent home with strong, Christian values is important.


Birth mother denied any mental health diagnosis, but in conversation told the social worker she “used to be an alcoholic.” She waived any rights to further counseling because she is “28 and should have her life together by now, not need to talk to any psychologists to be able to get her life on track.” She reports having support of the birth father and friends.


Birth mother was presented with information regarding financial assistance. She says she is “in a lot of debt” but did not request any assistance aside from any medical assistance her insurance does not cover.


Birth father

Birth Father is reportedly known and involved. He is in his mid twenties and has been friends with the birth mother for two years. They are not currently together but he supports an adoption plan and was at the hospital with the birth mother during her hospital stay. He is reportedly a licensed massage therapist and currently lives out of his van, trying to build a clientele in the Las Vegas area.

Reasons for Choosing Adoption

Birth mother stated she is not financially stable to provide for a child, and both birth parents feel strongly about the child being raised in a two-parent, Christian home with a husband and wife.


Health of Baby/Medical Information

Baby was born on May 20, 2021 and was 5 lbs 2 oz and 19 inches long. He has undergone all the normal tests for infants as well as tests for babies born under a standard, specified weight. Baby also had a echocardiogram as in utero one side of the heart was showing smaller than the other. According to the pediatric specialist, results were in normal ranges but he is suggesting the baby have another echocardiogram at 6 weeks of age for a follow up. He said everything looks in normal ranges right now, but as he grows it could change. Baby has also not passed the hearing test, twice. So far the nurses report not being concerned about it yet, so they will keep retesting. Though there are no lab tests that can detect Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, the doctor and nurses report they see physical symptoms such as: small and wide set eyes, smooth surface between nose and upper lip, thin upper lip, and lower set thumbs. The nurses also report the baby is having some feeding issues due to a poor suck reflex, so he chokes and spits up often while feeding. Baby is not in the NICU. He has been doing well enough to be able to stay in the well baby nursery. They are finishing a few routine tests and redoing the hearing test, but then baby will be released from the hospital.


Due to the exposure of alcohol, it is highly recommended that the adoptive family apply for an adoption subsidy to be prepared in case there are issues that arise in the future due to the alcohol exposure.


Prenatal Care

Birth mother has had prenatal care since January 2021.


Substance Abuse

Birth mother said she drank a bottle of Vodka every 1-2 days during the first two months of pregnancy before finding out she was pregnant, though later admitted to the social worker she didn’t find out she was pregnant until January 2021 due to irregular cycles. Nurses told the social worker that birth mother was admitted (pink-sheeted) to the hospital two weeks ago when her parents brought her to the ER so inebriated that they kept her while she sobered up and could observe the baby. Birth mother has never admitted that to the social worker or put it on any forms.


Mental Health

Birth mother reported having ADHD and dyslexia.

Delivery/Medical on Baby

Birth mother delivered a baby boy on May 20, 2021 at 6:09 pm. It was a vaginal birth in the hospital and she reports being in labor for 9 hours. Baby is showing physical symptoms of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome but currently all lab work and an echocardiogram are showing in normal ranges. Baby has not yet passed the hearing test, and will also need another echocardiogram at 6 weeks of age. He is in the well baby nursery and will be released soon from the hospital. The doctor told the social worker that he was going to do as much as he could to keep the baby in the hospital until the adoptive family is chosen and can be there for discharge.

Social worker visited with the baby several times while visiting with the birth mother. He is precious, adorable, and very sweet. Social worker observed him being fed and burped by nurses, and being held by birth mother. Birth mother describes him as perfect. Baby has light brown hair and a fair complexion.



Birth mother has Utah Medicaid coverage for herself, and believes she also has coverage for the baby. Baby will need to be added to adoptive family insurance.


Openness Desired

Open; pictures, letters, and sharing of identifying information including location, names, phone numbers.

Birth Parent Preferences for Adoptive Family

Location is most important to birth parents, prefer parents to live in Texas, Arizona, or South Dakota (though now may be more open). “Patriotism” is second most important. Need a strong Christian, traditional, conservative, Republican family.



Living Expenses are not being requested at this time. We will collect $1,500 in case of emergency assistance. This will be returned to adoptive family if not utilized.


The following expenses will be associated with this case (paid to the agency):

  1. Matching/file activation fee (due upon acceptance of match)

  2. $1,500.00.  estimated birthparent living/medical expenses (due upon acceptance of match)

  3. Final agency fee. Based on sliding scale. (Due 4 weeks before due date. Funds will be deposited when birthmother signs relinquishment document.)


Attorney Fees are paid directly to the attorney.



The adoptive family has the option to finalize in the state of Utah. An attorney will be needed for this process. The adoptive family may need to travel to Utah for the adoption finalization if requested by the court. Finalization in UT cannot take place until the child has been in the home for 6 months.


The adoptive family also has the option to finalize in their home state. They need to check with their attorney to make sure UT relinquishment documents will be accepted.

Click to read birth mother's social medical history

This situation will remain open until an adoptive family is selected. 


If you are interested in this situation, please send an email to before then. Be sure to use the phrase "I'm interested in Baby Boy F" as the subject line. Include your name in the body of the email. ​


PLEASE NOTE: By submitting your name for this adoption situation, you are affirming that you are ready to move forward with a match, should the birth mother select your family. You have your fees ready and have consulted your attorney, doctor, and home study agency, if necessary. You will have a chance to withdraw your name after the information call/webinar with the social worker, if you choose to do so at that time. Thank you. 

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