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Baby Noelle

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Birth Date: 12/15/17

Baby Noelle is our agency’s Christmas miracle. She was born at 24 weeks gestation and is currently in the hospital. Birthmother was not aware of her pregnancy and due to suffering with high blood pressure, when she found out she was pregnant she notified the hospital that she wanted an abortion but ended up delivering the baby.


Baby was born weighing 1 lbs 9 Ounces, Length 12 ¾ inches.  She was rushed to the NICU, she is currently in an incubator with a feeding tube through her nose, and also on a ventilator for now.  Below are progress notes from the hospital.

Both birthparents have relinquished their parental rights. 

Gender of Baby



Ethnicity of Baby

African American



Birth mother is in a relationship with the birthfather, she was married but now divorced, ½ African American and ½ Caucasian female with black hair, brown eyes, 5’9’’ tall, 150-160 lbs, and a tan complexion. She is an outgoing, happy, and very social.  She loves to watch movies.  She is self employed as a professional gambler.  She is in good mental and physical health.   


Reasons for Choosing Adoption

They are not in any shape to take on a child right now financially, mentally, and emotionally.  They both feel that adoption is in the child’s best interest. 



Birthfather is on board with the adoption plan and is willing to cooperate as much as possible. 


BM describes him as a 37 year old, married but separated, Caucasian male, with green eyes, dirty brown hair, 5’9’’ tall, around 165lbs, with a fair complexion.  She describes his personality as “independent, serious, and outgoing.”  He is currently working as a financial advisor, and runs his own company LBC Health Management.  He stated that he is in good mental and physical health.                   


Health of Baby/Medical Information



She was not receiving prenatal care during the pregnancy. 


She reported that she has high blood pressure only during her pregnancies.  She also reports she does have asthma but not severe to the point of any medication or an inhaler. She is currently in good physical and mental health.  No reported issues with mental health in the past.


Birthmother denies any substance abuse.


Birthmother’s Family Medical History

She reports that her family is all great physical and mental health.  



Birthfather reports that he wears contact lenses and prescribed glasses in eighth grade.  One of his brothers does have Down’s syndrome.  That his mother has been fighting breast cancer, but is in remission right now.  Other than that birthfather reports that he is physically and mentally healthy. 



Birthmother has applied for medicaid.


Openness Desired

Closed Adoption


Birth Parent Preferences for Adoptive Family

Open to race

Open to location or International

Open to male/female couple, same sex couple, or single mother

Open to other children in the home or only child

Open to religion



Living/medical expenses are being provided. The estimated amount is $3,500


The following expenses will be associated with this case (paid to the agency):

  1. Matching/file activation fee (due upon acceptance of match)

  2. $3,500 estimated birthparent living/medical expenses (due upon acceptance of match)

  3. Final agency fee. Based on sliding scale. (Due 4 weeks before due date. Funds will be deposited when birthmother signs relinquishment document.)


Attorney fees are paid directly to the attorney.


Legal Risks

Birthmother is not married and therefore a John Doe termination may be necessary. An attorney will be necessary for this procedure. This may be done in Nevada or in the adoptive family’s home state.



The adoptive family has the choice to finalize in the state of Nevada. An attorney will be needed for this process. The adoptive family will not need to travel to Nevada for the adoption finalization as the attorney and agency will be attending court on their behalf. Finalization in Nevada cannot take place until the child has been in the home for six months.


The adoptive family also has the option to finalize in their home state. They will need to speak to their adoption attorney in their state to make sure Nevada legal documents will be accepted.

Click to read birthmother's social medical history

Click to read birthfather's social medical history

Click here to read hospital progress notes

This situation is open and we ask any family who is interested to please contact our office at 702-475-4910 and speak to Debbie Oakley. 


For more information please contact our office. Thank you! 

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