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Baby Heath

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Birth Date: 01/8/2018

Baby Heath is one of our miracle babies who was born at 25 weeks gestation and is currently residing in the NICU.  His birthmother was not aware of her pregnancy and due to her suffering from HELLP Syndrome the baby boy was required to be delivered pre-term via c-section.  The baby boy was immediately sent to the NICU, while his birthmother fought for her life.  Unfortunately, this sweet boy’s mother did not survive the severe complications associated with HELLP Syndrome (pre-eclampsia, hypertension, etc.) and passed away three days after the baby’s birth.


Heath was born weighing 1.896 lbs, 12.992 inches long.  He currently is in an incubator with a feeding tube and ventilator. 

Gender of Baby



Ethnicity of Baby



Baby currently resides in Las Vegas, NV.  In Nevada, relinquishment documents can be signed 72 hours after the child’s birth.  However, the birthfather has indicated that he would like to meet and get to know an adoptive family prior to signing over his rights. 



Birthmother and birthfather were married in 2015.  The birthfather reported that she was 42 years old and Caucasian.  She had hazel eyes, brown hair, 5’11’’ tall, 260lbs, and a fair complexion.  She is of German descent.  No Native American heritage.  She completed her bachelor’s degree in school, but was not working at the time of her death.  Birthfather described her as bubbly, fun-loving, caring, giving, wonderful mother, open-minded, and loving.  She enjoyed crafts, writing, organizing, and studying philosophy.  She was in good mental health.  She did not identify with a specific religion, but was very spiritual. 



Birthfather reported that he is 52 year old Caucasian male, with red hair, blue eyes, a fair complexion, 6’0’’ tall, and 260lbs.  He is not of Native American heritage, but reports being of Irish and Austrian descent.  He completed high school and is currently disabled.  He reported his personality as analytical, honest, blunt, positive, outdoorsy, and family-oriented.  He is in good mental health.  He does have some severe back problems from a car accident that caused degenerative disks.  He does not identify with a religion, but is spiritual. 


Health of Baby/Medical information

Please refer to medical progress notes.


Prenatal care

Birthmother was not aware of her pregnancy until she went into the hospital for severe abdominal pains, which is when they discovered the pregnancy and ordered an emergency c-section.  Birthfather said that she did not use any prescription or non-prescription medications, nor did she drink alcohol.  However, she did smoke a ½ pack of cigarettes per day throughout the pregnancy and use CBD oil on occasion.


Birthmother’s medical history

Birthfather verbally informed Premier’s Social Worker that birthmother had ovarian cancer in the past (specifics unknown).  Unknowingly the birthmother had pre-eclampsia and hypertension during pregnancy (HELLP Syndrome).


Birthmother’s family medical history

No reported medical history from birthfather.


Birthfather’s medical history

Birthfather reported having degenerative disks and rods in his back due to past car accident. 

He also reported smoking cigarettes daily


Birthfather’s family medical history

His father passed away from throat cancer at 76

His son wears corrective lenses and is nearsighted with an astigmatism

His mother has ear problems/deafness (specifics unknown)

His mother has thyroid disorder (specifics unknown)


Reason for choosing adoption

Birthmother passed away after birth and the birthfather does not feel (due to his age and disability) that he can adequately care for the child.  He feels this is an extremely special child whom he wants to give the best possible life. 



Birthmother had insurance at the time of her delivery and death.  This insurance will cover the baby for the first 31 days of life.  The details of this insurance plan is unknown at this time.  There will most likely be deductibles and co-pays required. 


Openness Desired

Birthfather would like to meet and get to know the adoptive family prior to placement.  He would also like to have updates and pictures over the years. 


Birthparent Preferences for Adoptive Family

Must be a family who cannot have children naturally

Open to race

Open to religion

Open to location

Open to male/female couple only

Open to other children in the home or only child

The adoptive family will need to be willing to travel to Las Vegas, NV to meet the birthfather. This meeting will be necessary before the birthfather decides which adoptive family he will be moving forward with. 



Living/medical expenses are not being provided.


The following expenses will be associated with this case (paid to the agency):

  1. Matching/file activation fee (due upon acceptance of match)

  2. Final agency fee. Based on sliding scale. (Due 4 weeks before due date. Funds will be deposited when birthmother signs relinquishment document.)


Attorney fees are paid directly to the attorney. Medical expenses will be separate from agency fees. As soon as medical expenses are known, they will be shared with the family. 



The adoptive family has the choice to finalize in the state of Nevada. An attorney will be needed for this process. The adoptive family will not need to travel to Nevada for the adoption finalization as the attorney and agency will be attending court on their behalf. Finalization in Nevada cannot take place until the child has been in the home for six months.


The adoptive family also has the option to finalize in their home state. They will need to speak to their adoption attorney in their state to make sure Nevada legal documents will be accepted.

Click to read birthmother's social medical history

Click to read birthfather's social medical history

Click here to read hospital progress notes

This situation is open and we ask any family who is interested to please contact our office at 702-475-4910 and speak to Debbie Oakley. 


For more information please contact our office. Thank you! 

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