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Our Waiting Families

Jacob and Levi
Brian and Rebekah
Randy and Carrie
Travis and Kendra
Russell and Ruth
Joe and Hillary
Heather and Christina
Jon and Kimberlee.
Zac and Susie
Kolby and Naomi
Larkin and Katie
Jeffrey and Kristin
Charles and Amanda
Brian and Stephanie
Zac and Casey
Jacob and Jenna
Chase and Wendy
Ryan and Marianne
Ryan and Rachel
Cory and Candace
Nick and Paige
Kyle and Scott
Mike and Mina
Thomas and Sonja
Anthony and Richard
Jake and Jenna
Matt and Chelsey
Jamie and Elise
Zac and Sara
James and Christina
Jesse and Stephanie
Jeremy and Melissa
Josh and Tami
John and Jamie
Chai and Meera
Randy and Carrie
Aaron and Georgie
Enrigue and Emily
Riley and Julie
Ty and Emily
Michael and Danielle
Laura and Thomas
Brett and Kristie
Jeremy and Tina
Brian and Gina
Paul and Rachael
Matt and Jen
Jason and Sharon
Jonathan and Holly
John and Marnita
Derek and AnnMarie
Kyle and Alisse
Daniel and Kyrie
Sheldon and Courtney
John and Sarah
Jimmy and Lauren
Arthur and Tina
Michael and Hannah
Isaac and Gwen
Paul and Miriam
Josh and Shelly
BJ and Kristin
Ray and Mandy
Jens and Helene
James and Melissa
Denise and Vic
Ryan and Aryel
Dan and Leslie
Mark and Ashley
Emmanuel and Reena
Julius and Priscilla
Jay and Anne
Joseph and Melissa
Heather and Tim
Nicky and David
Mike & Tawnya

Adoption Situations

Our current adoption situations are open to our registered families only. You may request more information about becoming a registered family here.

When I told my boyfriend about my pregnancy he told me to move out. He said he wasn’t the father and didn’t want anything to do with the baby. I didn’t know what to do or who to trust. Premier Adoption took me into their program and followed through on everything they said they would do. I trust them. They found me the perfect parents for my baby. I know that she will have a wonderful life and that I did a good thing by giving her life and a future that she wouldn’t have been able to have with me. I am proud of what I did for her.

Ashley, Age 23.